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Hello :)

This site was created as a way of sharing material about how to include colorblin persons in Lgbtqia+ flags, but even if this is the main objective of this site, it ISN'T the only focus, because a lot of the material that I've made and that I'll make can be used to include colorblind persons in other situations.

And before getting started, I want to say that I'M NOT a designer or someone who knows much about those things, so PLEASE, if you have something to add or to suggest, feel free to do it, I would be very happy to hear you :)

Getting started/Tools!

So, first of all, what is a colorblind inclusive flag?

I consider it to be a flag that can be recognized not only by the colors of the stripes, but by some kind of symbol, shape, color symbol or subtitle. (If you have a suggestion of something that could be interesting to do, feel free to tell me :)

With that being said, I've made somethings that can be useful if you are interested in including colorblind persons in flags or use some tools that can help in any other situations.

Tool for automatically adding color symbol in images

I've created a site where you can upload an image and automatically add color symbols to it!

You can access the site here

And if you want to know more about the site or view a demo on how to use it, you can see it here

Color Symbols

So, the first (and most important) thing to know about, are color symbols, you can read more about them here.

Or if you want a version with a better resolution and transparent background, you can go here

But basically each symbol represent a color, and you can add them in pictures